Friday, November 21, 2008

Great shots of Carter & her Sassy Hair!

This is Carter ~ a friend 's daughter... isn't she a natural? Don't just just love that hair? Obviously, the photographer is very gifted ~

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Some new Journals inspired by friends...

I did a show recently at new friends house ~Meg ~ she makes journals out of vintage scraps. I absolutely just love her things ~ she inspired me to make some that are different. I am not sure if you can see in my photo, but I also made vintage bookmarks with little bits of charms. As you can see, I LOVE roses - I also love hydrangeas. And I love this vintage brown velvet ribbon with an old rhinestone belt buckle.
I mentioned Meg's Etsy craft show above (Vintage Scraps)... pictured here is her beautiful neighbor wearing my pink necklace that she bought...It was made for her!

Here are some recent jewelry pieces I've made - I keep going back & forth on craft projects. I am so ADD - how can we get this under control. My offce here has my computer, piles of vintage jewelry scraps, rhinestones, half-made peieces, gorgeous piles of vintage roses and French perfum labels - scattered all over the floor. What a mess!! And that is just my office! What's a crafter to do? ~ and I have other "areas" throughout my house where I also make a big mess!
I do it later... because I am working on a new project!! :-) More later....
I have really been to aqua blue colors lately. I love this necklace ~ I love these colors ~ like the carribean!

Ok, so this one below is another favorite! How can I have so many favorites!! Do you ever make something & of course, you make it to sell it, right? I'm supposed to make it to sell it, THEN, I'm attached to it... this necklace below is one of those necklaces. And, with most vintage pieces, what's the likelyhood you'll EVER find another one of THOSE pieces... That seems to happen to me a lot these days.

I was at a craft fair this past weekend & after my friend, Lisa, bought this, another lady came up & said, oh, I really wanted that piece your friend bought!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Vintage jeweled Silver Serving Pieces

Vintage jeweled Silver Serving Pieces
Originally uploaded by mylulabelles

I haven't blogged in so long, it's embarrassing to just start out with someone else's photo - but I LOVE these!

I thought about starting a new blog & just deleting my current blog, but then, I would have to start all over again (and what a pain that would be - not to mention, if THAT would ever happen- LOL) - so here I am again, posting - but about someone else gorgeous silver bejeweled pieces.

Ok, so now I broke the ice (with a new post, I'll post what I am working on this week)... and so much has happened in my little jewelry studio.... I promise LOTS of photos this week!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

NO posts in 2 months & NOW ~ 2 posts in ONE day!!

Okay, this is a record ~NO posts in 2 months & NOW ~ 2 posts in ONE day ~
Here are some photos of what I have been making lately - the model below is me ~ you'll notice that in some photos, I have these awful blotches on my chest ~ on other photos, I have "rubber-stamped" over my "blotches"(or age spots ~ or whatever they are).

How can I get more time in the day for Blogging?!!

Ok, I have been putting off posting - lemme just say, is there any way to get more hours into the day? Or this already a done deal? I don't know how all you bloggers post everyday... are there any secrets to it? Do you actually set aside time to blog? I have 3 kids & I am a stay-at-home mom - why can't I just find 15 munutes to carve out of my day to post something??? I will say, I MUST have pictures in all my posts. To me, a blog post isn't a post unless there are pictures with it... Anyway, after 2 months, I've finally blogged again...
On the July 4th wee, we went to visit my parents in Hanover, Virginia ~ and one afternoon, I went shopping - this place below is my absolute favorite place to go & browse! However, they were closed ~ the only 2 days we were there! I think this is actually considered "Mechanicsville, VA" ~ Anyway, it's called "Through the Garden Gate". I don't think they have a web site, although they should.

So what I have I done in the last 2 months? Definitely not blogging, as you can see! here are some completely RANDON photos - this is my husband's parents with our family - hey, I'm even in the picture - usually I just take the photos instead of getting in the photo! I like being the photographer!! :-)

This was Father's Day weekend... way back in June.

Above: From left is: Seth (doing his lovely arm poots that his Aunt Beverly taugh him ~ thx Bev), Blake (Seth's best friend), Luke (our youngest), Caleb (our middle one) and Brandon (our neighbor).

Below: This is Luke - Just before our swim meet - (notice the # on his arm) - but he forgot his swim team swin trunks, as usual!! :-P

Here is my DH, holding our friend's newly adopted baby, Keeley. She's from China! She is always smiling - at least always smiling at the pool. She is soooo sweet!!

Last weekend I decided at the last possible minute to go to the flea market, here in Raleigh. Pretty much everyone had closed up, but one lady that I always see & buy things from, she was still there. I found several vintage earring sets, just waiting to be re-purposed into something (not yet determined)... and this faded aqua rose pin. I worked on that piece last weekend & made it into a necklace.

Here are just more pieces of things I'm working on & flea market finds!

Below & above are vintage buttons, earrings, pins and lots & lots of vintage rhinestones! Oh, how I love it! I think I may have a problem with this - purchasing too much & not getting around to making it into something. But... I will say, I have been doing better at this....

Here are just MORE crystals ~ intersperced with other things I am working on... yummy!!

This is a gorgeous hydranga given to me by a friend... she surprised me & left it on my front porch. DH & I planted it last weekend. I am determined NOT to let this die on me! Last summer, in the drought, I lost 2 hydranga bushes, 2 azelea bushes and a gardenia bush. I am going to try really hard to keep it watered. Don't you just love this color!

I'll MAYBE post more photos of what I've made lately... MAYBE later! :-)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Newest Jewelry Designs

These 1st necklace (2 different views of the same necklace) are made from a vintage rhinestone brooch, vintage chandelier crystals, crystal quartz & silver tone rings & chain. I need to measure this, but it's approx 18 inches long.

The next one below is similar... it has all the items above, but also has soft pink potato pearls. The vintage crystal brooch was repurposed to become a pendant. it is attached to a silver-tone filigree circle.

I love this necklace - it's very simple - about 16 inches in length. The diamond shaped smokey topaz beads are much prettier in person. I just couldn't seem to show the light coming through them. I need to work on my photography skills!! LOL!! The rose in the middle, may be real ivory, but I am not sure. I was once a button, it has a new life now as a pendant. A chandelier crystal dangles from it. You can't see this other bead, but on the left, there is a tiger cowrie bead. It's approximately 25mm. there is mixture of gold & silver link chain at the end.
This one has less vintage pieces than the other pieces above. It too has a smaller tiger cowrie bead (leopard looking, rectangle), aqua quartz bead, diamond shaped smokey topaz, a vintage rose cabachon, vintage brass filigree bead & dangling vintage cameo piece.
This necklace is my favorite piece right now (it changes constantly) - I love the shell piece. It's vintage... but I don't know where it came from. I has little crystals in between the shells & it's attached to a filigree piece. I love the center piece as well - it's simple, but very sweet!!

Hope you enjoyed looking & I hope to have all these on etsy by tomorrow! Keep your fingers crossed!! :-)