Friday, April 18, 2008

My Weekly trip to Tracy's House

...too bad I didn't take a closer photo of this clock - it has so much detail & character. there is not a close up of these vintage crystals, but they are very pretty.
Look at these beautiful vintage pink roses... anything pink is beautiful to me! vintage door door knbs - great paper weights

Another amazing trip to Tracy's house... I have LOTS of pictures to share. Tracy is constantly in the mode of making & re-making & re-working... painting, gluing, sanding & tweeking her "stuff". I LOVE her stuff. Today I took my camera just so I could come home & still be looking at all the eye candy - Immediately, upon entering her house, I am in the "zone" - always finding a new item she's in the middle of creating.... We're so much alike! I just wish I had more time to create - if only I didn't have to sleep.... I love this little collage picture frame with vintage crystals -

Look at this gorgeous gold frame

I love this little blue frame - and look at these chalk boards - I think she also has one in an apple green color.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New baubles I've been making...

This what I have recently made... bobby pins with vintage settings & pieces... and these vintage looking business card holders - embellished with vintage findings.

Have you ever been to SuzAnna's Antiques?

If you've never been to SuzAnna's in North Raleigh... you've got to go... it's so much fun! Plan on spending a lot of time looking... there is SO much fun stuff to see and you wouldn't want to miss anything!! An amazing world of architectual items, garden items galore, vintage jewelry, shabby chic items, furniture - all types of antiques & it's packed (in a great way)! Here are some photos of SuzAnna's that I took last week. Below is Anna, Suzy & Lynda (Lynda, hopefully I spelled your name correctly??)

Friday, April 4, 2008

Bottle Bracelets

These are some bottle bracelets I have made - some have already sold. These are great to

  1. add to a gift (especially for someone who loves antiques)

  2. hang from a bottle

  3. hang from a window to catch the sunshine coming through

  4. hang from a lamp, just to embellish...

I just think they are fun & funky... and different! I sell them & my new funky jewelry at Suzanna's Antiques in Raleigh. If you've not been there, you need to go! What an experience!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Today I took a trip to North Raleigh

Here are more photos of Tracy's - SuzAnna's Antiques...

Today at Tracy's house

I went by Tracy's house today... I was in the area & needed to take some info to her. I love going to her creative home. Have I said yet that's she's incredibly creative??! Well, she is, and someday, she'll be discovered! Afterwards, I went to her space at Suzanna's (Antiques, Raleigh). Here are some photos of some of her things...