Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Newest Jewelry Designs

These 1st necklace (2 different views of the same necklace) are made from a vintage rhinestone brooch, vintage chandelier crystals, crystal quartz & silver tone rings & chain. I need to measure this, but it's approx 18 inches long.

The next one below is similar... it has all the items above, but also has soft pink potato pearls. The vintage crystal brooch was repurposed to become a pendant. it is attached to a silver-tone filigree circle.

I love this necklace - it's very simple - about 16 inches in length. The diamond shaped smokey topaz beads are much prettier in person. I just couldn't seem to show the light coming through them. I need to work on my photography skills!! LOL!! The rose in the middle, may be real ivory, but I am not sure. I was once a button, it has a new life now as a pendant. A chandelier crystal dangles from it. You can't see this other bead, but on the left, there is a tiger cowrie bead. It's approximately 25mm. there is mixture of gold & silver link chain at the end.
This one has less vintage pieces than the other pieces above. It too has a smaller tiger cowrie bead (leopard looking, rectangle), aqua quartz bead, diamond shaped smokey topaz, a vintage rose cabachon, vintage brass filigree bead & dangling vintage cameo piece.
This necklace is my favorite piece right now (it changes constantly) - I love the shell piece. It's vintage... but I don't know where it came from. I has little crystals in between the shells & it's attached to a filigree piece. I love the center piece as well - it's simple, but very sweet!!

Hope you enjoyed looking & I hope to have all these on etsy by tomorrow! Keep your fingers crossed!! :-)


Lu Lu's Fluffy Ruffles said...

Ooohhhhh I really like the first one!!!
they are all beautiful!

momma_arch said...

You make beautiful things!! I love your jewelry. The store is awesome wish I lived closer but I can enjoy from afar and not spend any money that way.LOL. I love your blog.

Mary said...

Hi Lori - it was nice meeting you at SuzAnna's celebration this evening. What a great time, perfect weather, lovely people, and great stuff to buy as always!
Vanessa and I had so much fun - she's just adorable and we met via my blog.

Your jewelry is beautiful - especially love the pretty bottle bracelets.

I've purchased quite a few items from Tracy over the past year or so - she does have great ideas - I can see her home must be a treasure trove!

Do come visit my blog if you ever have a spare moment - can see you are a busy mom/wife/artist!

Have a fun holiday weekend.
~~~~ Mary ~~~~

Anonymous said...

I wandered over from across the pond. SO glad I did. I love your designs. I too, am the mother of sons (two -- I don't know if this is true or not, but I heard there is a special place in heaven for a mother of three boys...I almost made it.!), It is nice to be the queen. Mine are 14 & 19. I love being the only girl. All of my animals are female, and put us all together we out-number them and win by majority...
Karen Eileen

Vanessa Greenway said...

Hi Lori! You're so talented! I love these jewels! It was nice meeting you at SuzAnna's. Talk to you later! Vanessa

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Only us moms can relate, cuz we will do anything for our kids!! I luv your blog too! It is beautiful!


Kim Caldwell said...

Your creations are so lovely! They especially make me smile because they are photographed on the same fabric that is in my daughter's room. So pretty. . .

Hugs, Kim

Vintage Rose Collection said...

Thank you sweetly for the visit today.. I love your jewerly designs, very unique...

Sherry said...

Bellisima Lori!! I love them all but I'm especially taken with the first 2!

Lynn said...

You have such a talent for using vintage pieces in your designs, they aer all soooooo pretty :) It's funny, I just LOVE jewelry but I never wear any, I should try to get in the habit of putting some on.

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Beautiful designs! Love your pieces, I'm sure these will sell quickly. Hope you have a happy weekend!
xo Lidy

Tangee said...

I love them, all simply gorgeous!

That shabby Pink Girl said...

OH My. Do I love your designs. YES,they are
smiles to you.
marian elizabeth