Monday, May 5, 2008

Ok, so why was my day so stressful??

I have had these photos of Tracy's for a week - and I have so much going on, it's just tough to try and fit it all in, in ONE day!! today was absolutely crazy. More about my day after Tracy's pics!!

This 1st photo is something Tracy made - picket fence pieces & old shutters. I could see this at my house, but where in the world would I put it???

Here's another "shutter" piece - made into a jewelry display, with vintage knobs & an old shelf at the bottom. I could see this in my house too!! ha ha!!

This is a clock made from old shell buttons.

Here is a tin board with beautiful magnets. You can't really see this bottle bracelet, but it's a cameo & she has tied a little pink ribbon above the crystal. I want this too!! LOL

Isn't this cute? Shabby, distressed - part of an old light - then vintage pulls attached.
This is a pillow made from a vintage apron. sweet!
These pots are so clever - write whatever you want on them.

Ok, so why was my day so stressful????

For starters, this morning, Seth commented before leaving for school that he hadn't seen our cat, Coco. I was thinking last night that I hadn't seen her either... Coco doesn't go outside (which my dad thinks is cruelty to cats). And, I do agree that Coco loves all the chirping birds outside & flies & all crawling creatures outdoors.... but she is truly an indoor cat. She will walk on the front porch, but hears the door slam & she runs back to the door, only to find it's closed.

Well this morning, we all started looking for Coco. We looked in all the usual spots... then I took them to school. After the kids went to school, I continued to look all over the house. I looked for an hour or so. Finally, I was secretly starting to worry. I posted we had a "Lost Cat" on our neighborhood web-site forum... I called Animal control & the shelters... left all my information.

It was around noon, after I had picked up Luke from pre-school, and I was fixing lunch. I was breaking the sad news to Luke. He said, "I'll bet Coco is underground [he points to the floor]..." - Immediately, I start to get curious, just by that one comment. I start to ask all the questions... It's funny, how moms just KNOW - I knew he'd done something...

...after about 30 seconds of listening to Luke, I was sure Luke had put Coco under the house, in our crawl space. But he blamed his other friends, Drew & Pierson. I had actually looked there earlier that morning (my smart husband said, just this morning... I wouldn't put it past the boys to lock her in there). I went outside to the crawl space & after standing there a while, she came walking up, very calmly. Luke was there to greet her. If I were Coco, I wouldn't let that child get near me again.
So yesterday, Coco not only spent the entire day outside, she was taken capture by Luke, my 5 yr old son... and locked under our crawl space. Poor cat. Since then, she has hardly eaten. The vet says she may be dehydrated... so, we'll be spending un-allocated money on that, it seems! I need to take it out of Luke's allowance, but he doesn't get one... believe me, he has paid for this now... :-(

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