Saturday, July 19, 2008

How can I get more time in the day for Blogging?!!

Ok, I have been putting off posting - lemme just say, is there any way to get more hours into the day? Or this already a done deal? I don't know how all you bloggers post everyday... are there any secrets to it? Do you actually set aside time to blog? I have 3 kids & I am a stay-at-home mom - why can't I just find 15 munutes to carve out of my day to post something??? I will say, I MUST have pictures in all my posts. To me, a blog post isn't a post unless there are pictures with it... Anyway, after 2 months, I've finally blogged again...
On the July 4th wee, we went to visit my parents in Hanover, Virginia ~ and one afternoon, I went shopping - this place below is my absolute favorite place to go & browse! However, they were closed ~ the only 2 days we were there! I think this is actually considered "Mechanicsville, VA" ~ Anyway, it's called "Through the Garden Gate". I don't think they have a web site, although they should.

So what I have I done in the last 2 months? Definitely not blogging, as you can see! here are some completely RANDON photos - this is my husband's parents with our family - hey, I'm even in the picture - usually I just take the photos instead of getting in the photo! I like being the photographer!! :-)

This was Father's Day weekend... way back in June.

Above: From left is: Seth (doing his lovely arm poots that his Aunt Beverly taugh him ~ thx Bev), Blake (Seth's best friend), Luke (our youngest), Caleb (our middle one) and Brandon (our neighbor).

Below: This is Luke - Just before our swim meet - (notice the # on his arm) - but he forgot his swim team swin trunks, as usual!! :-P

Here is my DH, holding our friend's newly adopted baby, Keeley. She's from China! She is always smiling - at least always smiling at the pool. She is soooo sweet!!

Last weekend I decided at the last possible minute to go to the flea market, here in Raleigh. Pretty much everyone had closed up, but one lady that I always see & buy things from, she was still there. I found several vintage earring sets, just waiting to be re-purposed into something (not yet determined)... and this faded aqua rose pin. I worked on that piece last weekend & made it into a necklace.

Here are just more pieces of things I'm working on & flea market finds!

Below & above are vintage buttons, earrings, pins and lots & lots of vintage rhinestones! Oh, how I love it! I think I may have a problem with this - purchasing too much & not getting around to making it into something. But... I will say, I have been doing better at this....

Here are just MORE crystals ~ intersperced with other things I am working on... yummy!!

This is a gorgeous hydranga given to me by a friend... she surprised me & left it on my front porch. DH & I planted it last weekend. I am determined NOT to let this die on me! Last summer, in the drought, I lost 2 hydranga bushes, 2 azelea bushes and a gardenia bush. I am going to try really hard to keep it watered. Don't you just love this color!

I'll MAYBE post more photos of what I've made lately... MAYBE later! :-)

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OMG Lori!
I love your "BLING" lol I just found your blog and I love it! If you visit my site, you will see that I am also partial to "BLING". lol
Take care,