Saturday, January 10, 2009

Starting out organizing in 2009

I tend to work best & have more creativeness when there is a big pile of jewelry and rhinestone pieces at my fingertips... but, I am going to try this... "organizing thing". We're getting ready for Disney (leaving next Friday - at 3 am - hopefully the kids will sleep during some of the 11 hour trip - ah, who am I kidding??) ~ and so I am trying to get organized for it all, including other parts of my house. I love organizing (when I am in the mood :-), if it would only just stay that way. Here are some pictures of the "before" ~ in my jewelry area:

tah dah..... here are some "after" pictures:

what is it about getting more and more of these beautiful things? I just love them. How could you not love it?! Now, if only I was off to create more pieces of jewelry with these beautiful jewels... but I'm off to Nordstrom to use my gift certificate my husband gave me for Christmas... I love Nordstrom!! yummy ... I know exactly what I want... I'll show you that later!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

À toi, pour toujours

... À toi, pour toujours means "Yours Forever" in French! I hope I got that right... I don't know French at all!!

I am making a wedding gift for someone & of course, it's all last minute!! This is a time when I think I can truly call myself an artist since I am really all last minute & ADD ~ I have so many projects started, that have never been completed!! What's with that and artists anyway...?

Okay, so back to the French phrase... I found it here so hopefully it's correct (especially since it's wrapped & going to the recipients today).

Have you ever made something, and you like it so much, you really hate to sell it ~ or in this case, give it away?? LOL!! Well, this one is one of those, and since it's made with vintage bits & buables & pieces, it's the only one... can't make it exactly the same... of course, that's the beauty of it as well.

On the back, it has their wedding date ~ today, January 3, 2009 ~ and the front just "Cherish"

I am working on some new soldered collage pieces to wear ~ hopefully they will be finished by next week... again, remember ADD... and I am NOT exaggerating!!! :-)

Happy New Year ~ oh, and one of my new year's resolutions is to blog more often! If you have any pointers on this & how I can actually make it happen & fit it into my ADD day, please advise quickly!! :-)