Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring Daze last weekend & Life here in Cary NC

When I got to Spring Daze last weekend, it was rushed as usual... I tried for weeks before to prepare, but still, I am ADD & can't figure out how to prioritize, I guess. When I got there, there were already people at my booth & many items were not priced... some didn't have clasps... I thought, oh nooooo ~ but I always try to bring my pliers, clasps, beads & definitely price tags.

It ended up being a gorgeous day & I did well being in the shade, ALL day! I felt bad for the people across from me - in the sun all day.

I only had one peice - walk away - which was so annoying!! Ted & Darlene stopped by my booth & took pictures, so I have proof that the ring below WAS actually there... but near the end, I kept thinking I would find it, but never did. I was actually wearing it earlier... ugh!!
Below are 2 bottle bracelets that I made recently. I love the one with the rose... I love roses anyway, I really like this white rose ~ repurposed for a bottle bracelet... these also look pretty draped over a lamp or picture frame corner.

here I am with Darlene - chatting - of course - mouth OPEN, as usual.

Below is my new sign I had made for shows like this... and some inexpensive frames I bought & used burlap behind it for a display for my necklaces. These worked out well. I then glued old buttons to the push pins to use on the frame.

the booth behind me had a baby doll clothes

I love this pendant - it reads "She was an artist & her life was her canvas"
I've been soldering a lot lately, here are 2 pieces I've finished recently & sold.
These next few necklaces are favorites of my recently ~ mixing the new funky beads, like Tiger Cowrie beads (shells) with a lone vintage brown rhinestone earring. I love brown & turquoise.
Another necklace with shells - I love shells and their many colors
Below: More sparkly bottle bracelets that I plan on listing on etsy
and a victorian bracelet.
These bookmarks belwo are awesome. there a mixture of vintage typewriter keys & in the middle there is a Bulova watch where the hands still turns. I love using old ladies watches on just about anything.


That Girl Ang said...

Again more winners.... such beautiful things!

It's a shame about your bracelet & ring.... I'm sorry that happened.

Rosanna said...

where can your bottle bracelets be purchased??? do you have an etsy account or something???