Saturday, August 1, 2009

Crystal Watches

I love, love, love this watch - these have a vintage look & very sparkly - love that sparkle ~ and these seeem to be different than ones I see other ladies wearing. Let me know if you want one - they're $29 each - I do have order them, so it takes a few days to get them in...

Ok, I know this one below is huge & possibly a bit much, but I like it... for those of us into wearing a crown, here's a good place to put it - add some rhinestones and tie it to your wrist...
for some reason, this watch reminds me of Texas - a little western & really BIG, but also victorian... I think I need one of these (or 2 or 3 ~ now what colors??)... white, black, red, bright green, light yellow, brown, GOLD & lastly SILVER (oh now this is my favorite or maybe the pink one - or the gold... :0)
~ these are $30 each ~
The ones below have square swarovski crystals - they also really sparkle. I have just the clear one & I love wearing it. My sister-n-law Misty, has the gold aquamarine one ~ my brother Scott said she has some friends that really like this watch...
~ these are $40 each ~

~ These sparkly ones are $29 ~
In the next few days, I am going to have a drawing for a give-away for something vintage ~ more details on that later...
Have a great weekend!!


Beth in NC said...

Oh my gosh Lori! These are beautiful!

Hey, if you want more traffic on your blog and more Etsy traffic ... let me do a giveaway of one of your pieces. If you add the "follow me" gadget ... you might do more sales from your blog (if that is something you want).

Just let me know.

Love your work!

Journal Swag said...

I love your work and your blog! I noticed you haven't posted here in awhile... did you move your blog?

Love it!


Journal Swag said...

Hi, me again. When I clicked on your "follow me" button, it took me to Is that also your blog?



Carrie said...

Oooh... fun and sparkly!!!! Who doesn't like sparkles? ;)