Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Most Beautiful Package EVER!!

I meant to blog about this yesterday... I bought some lace & ribbons from someone on etsy last week ~ and I received it yesterday - and it was such a huge surprise. Sometimes we buy things & just are excited to get it ~ and we open it, it's as expected - and sometime people just go beyond our expectations... that's the way it was with this package.

Everything was wrapped in little plastic bags with vintage bookkeeping pages at the top & tied with a sweet pink ribbon - and every little bag was put inside a linen bag that was recycled. When I opened the bag of goodies, I took out each little bag, one by one - and just laid it all out. Thinking, someone took a lot of time and packed each of these pieces - it was just a wonderful, unexpected surprise. I felt so inspired to make something with all this - not sure what yet - but I just wanted Noel, from Red Stripe Vintage to know how she MADE MY DAY!!

My favorite piece was a PINK horse show ribbon. I used to ride western when I lived in Virginia, just north of Richmond on a small farm there. I was about 12. I had a few ribbons, but I have no idea where those horse ribbons are now - but I can assure you, none were pink... The funny thing was, the rhinestone pin, which is gorgeous ~ I didn't even remember being in there - so that was an exciting surprise too!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Incredible Talent

Do you ever wonder how you ended up on some blog pages? I do that all the time. One page leads to another page - I get really caught up in moving from page to page by the most inspring pages. I found one of those blogs today (and still don't know where I linked it from...oh, Lollishops, I think)!!

This is Petite Michelle Louise - and if you like shabby, vintage, French, Paris - you will fall in love with her designs, crafts & her blog! She has a giveaway right now that is the landslide give-a-way. it ends Oct 16th - Good luck!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Flea market finds & my latest designs

I've been going to the flea market just about every weekend now. I have found so many great things... every weekend that I've been, except last weekend... I didn't find many deals. We took my 9 yr old to overnight camp on Sunday, so I didn't get there last weekend.

A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate to find a guy who had huge boxes of vintage papers... I found old silk screened seed magazines from 1902 with loads of vintage roses - the color was stunning! I only bought a few pieces, and then I went back the following weekend - it was ALL GONE!! I was so sad! That's why I have to go every weekend ~ otherwise, I might miss something! I always find great stuff there - it's my favorite past time these days... other than making jewelery. After getting the vintage papers, I made these 2 digital designs.
Here are a couple of designs (above) that I've been working on in photoshop. I love roses, anything vintage and pink, blue birds, scrolls, french papers. I'm thinking of having this turned into a giclee. I thought this turned out pretty good.

Below are a few photographs of my jewelery that I've made recently. All these below are about 32-34" long and can be doubled & some can be reversed! I love that feature. Between my friend Alice & Kimber, we (or they) came up with this idea... I love it!
There's about 5 necklaces on this dress form above - I know it would probably look tacky, but I could wear them all at once... that probably wouldn't be so pretty.
These necklaces below are just necklaces - can't be doubled - a lot of vintage bling going on here!
These last pictures are my finds from the flea market in the last month. I keep saying that I'm gonna post these, and keep forgeting....
More vintage buttons - many sizes...and designs!
I love all these filigree buckles and pieces - hmmmm, yummy!! I see a bracelet in their future!

I'm not sure what these gold things are above - the oval shaped pieces with scrolls and rhinestones(middle of the photo)... they are very hard & durable. I tried bending them, and they won't budge... maybe they were a scarf holder?? They also could be little napkins rings??

More flea market button finds. Carved mother of pearl.
Look at that little puppy button - we just got a dog, so I was excited to find that. I'll post later about the dog - she is so sweet! her name is Roxie.
Have a great week!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Recent Jewelry Shows & pictures

I'm applying to a show today - these shows are great, but they ask for so much information. I thought I'd add some of the images to my blog that I am sending in... now, I need get motivated (and find the extra time) to put these on etsy...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Oh my Gosh - I'm BACK!

I went to the flea market today & whenever I go, I'm always thinking, I'll take this picture to post on my blog. But when I get home, there are always so many other things to do that take more time & take priority over writing here.

I even think, it's sort of like exercising... if I could just work out for 10 minutes a day, then that would do me good. And if I started doing that, it would then become more addictive & I would work out for longer period of times. But then, I never do work out for just 10 minutes nor do I take the 10 minutes to update my blog with all my flea market finds & my jewelry pics. So here I am, trying to make another commitment to the BLOG!

So in a week or two, or whenever I get up to about 50 followers, I am going to do a give-away. We'll see if that works!

The pictures below are some of my recent works ~ and some photos from a show I did 2 weeks ago in Apex, NC - Peak Week. It was held May 1st. The previous week was Spring Daze in Cary, NC. Both great shows!

Thank you to all of you that bought pieces from me. I hope you enjoy wearing them.

This is one of the necklaces that I've been making that are 32" long ~ they are reversible. There is a button on the front of this one (below photo) & rhinestones on the back (above photo). Then, as it's doubled, it can be worn short - when doubled - front or back! So it's 4 necklaces in ONE!