Saturday, October 9, 2010

Incredible Talent

Do you ever wonder how you ended up on some blog pages? I do that all the time. One page leads to another page - I get really caught up in moving from page to page by the most inspring pages. I found one of those blogs today (and still don't know where I linked it from...oh, Lollishops, I think)!!

This is Petite Michelle Louise - and if you like shabby, vintage, French, Paris - you will fall in love with her designs, crafts & her blog! She has a giveaway right now that is the landslide give-a-way. it ends Oct 16th - Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Such beautiful images, must go check her out!

Mary said...

Hi Lori - been a while since we've seen you around Suzanna's - so glad you left me a comment so I know you and the family are doing OK.

Yes, Vanessa and I are enjoying being "shopkeepers", especially as we always seem to be shopping somewhere for thrifty treasures and our homes are running over!

It's been so busy for me since May when I trotted off on safari to Africa - since that amazing experience I've hardly had time to breathe!!

Vanessa and I will be checking in at SuzAnna's tomorrow (Mon.) around 10:30 AM - try to come over, it's looking so great there with the new addition.....lots of jewels you might enjoy transforming too!!

Hugs - Mary

Carrie said...

ooooh... that IS some giveaway... yowza! Going to check it out, thanks!! :)

Carrie said...

p.s... all the blogs you follow are fantastic! I'm finding that my old blogging friends are becoming inactive so I'm adopting some of yours ;) hehe! :) Thanks a bunch for all of the inspiration :)