Thursday, May 12, 2011

2 Shows Down, 1 to go... for the month of May

I've had 2 really large craft shows in the last 2 week(ends) - but as any crafter/artist like me knows (I still have a hard time calling myself an artist) -  these shows are draining - before, during & after.... BUT, I love doing them!I'm such a procrastinator - and then 2 weeks before the show, I start looking at my things & all of a sudden, my creative-ness starts to kick in - I'm up till ALL hours of the night - and I pay for it later - my house is a disaster & so is my craft area. 

Many of the items below have sold - but there are some items that are still available.  My next craft show is a smaller one in here in Cary NC - in Carolina Preserve subdivision. Hopefully the rain will hold off.  That show is this weekend, May 14th. 

Sorry these pictures are so RANDOM... every time I figure out how to use blogger, they change something. They've changed how the photos are uploaded - which I'm sure is a probably a better way, but again, I don't know how to use it so I spend time, arranging & re-arranging... then, my ADD is an issue - and if I can't get it to work, I immediately then I move on to something else - and my blog photos NEVER get uploaded... 

SOOOOO, this time, I'm letting the photos just go in randomly - and I'm NOT over thinking & over-analyzing it!!  I guess at some point I'll need to MAKE the time to sit down & learn how to do it right. I usually just fly by the seat of my pants... it's worked for me my whole life.... 

The photo below - is where I have my jewelry thrown on the table - and I'm thinking about how to set up...

Lot's of fun belt buckles made from vintage parts, antique show buckles, filigree... and found objects.  This suitcase is loaded with items I DO have still - which I plan on taking this coming weekend.

Below is a new thing I just wanted to try - I basically made my own bead by forming wire out of brass, then wrapping 28 gauge silver wire around it, for contrast... these were quite different from everything else I have... and they sold first at my Apex show... I thought... "oh no... I don't have any more like this...."
Headbands - shabby - rhinestones - re-purposed vintage pieces - rhinestone brooch with freshwater pearls is top left.

 Many of these sold, but let me know if there is anything you like - I may be able to re-create it - it will never be exactly like the first one - who knows, it might be better!
 Below is a TEXAS sized blingy buckle - it's gone - but making more
 Meet my beautiful neighbor Molly - she's helping me model my headbands - I kept saying, "ok, chin down, look up..." - she did great - now I need to figure out how to take "in focus" pictures.
 and here's her mom, Tracy - equally beautiful - but you can't see her face!! ugh! I told her, just swing your hips around & don't worry what your expression is... because your face won't be in the photo. 
 Here's Tracy again, modeling 2 items at a time - good good Tracy - again, I need lessons ion photography - NOT IN FOCUS!!

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Beth in NC said...

Your work is beautiful!!! Do you have an Etsy shop??? I don't know how that works, but a lot of blogger's have them to sale their treasures.

ps. I wish I was the size of that Mom swinging out her hip!!!!