Monday, August 29, 2011

Turning Disappointment into something Positive!!

 Last weekend, August 27th has been building up and been on my mind since February, this year... that's when applications for Lazy Daze were due. So little by little, I'd prepare and create more and more pieces, to sell at this HUGE event in Cary, NC.  I have worked late hours, till 3 am, pushing my creative side, to make more & more pieces of 'art' - to have for sale, August 27th... So last week, when the possibility of Hurricane Irene was on the horizon, I thought... "no way they would cancel...hopefully Irene will stay far away... maybe it wouldn't even come even close to us... but what if they didn't cancel it - and the wind was 40 mph... I do have weights for my tent... but 40 mph winds... hmmm.... what's gonna happen..."

So many thoughts went through my head during the week - finally, last Thursday, the town of Cary made the decision to cancel this event - and not reschedule.  Seriously!?!  Not reschedule? But what about all this stuff I'D BEEN MAKING???  Was I really thinking this selfishly? Yes, I was - and honestly, I wanted to cry. All this work (not to mention the "mess" in my kitchen and the rest of my life & kids had all been on hold for many days & weeks) - jewelry pieces spread out all OVER our kitchen....So, now what?!

I'm planning on getting them listed on etsy daily...

So hopefully, all these pieces, will still end up in the hands of happy customers who love the vintage history of the piece - and love what I've created.  Below are just a few pieces - I have hundreds of other pieces that are created and just waiting for the perfect owner. I wish you could see the sparkle in some of these pieces - they look so much better in person.


 These little baby booties are sort of random - I've seen these and wanted to make some for a while - I needed a pin cushion, so I thought I'd make a sweet baby bootie one...