Friday, October 19, 2012

I just wanted to post a quick note to let you all that my jewelry is set up at St Bernadette Catholic Church in Fuquay-Varina, NC - The event hours are 10am - 4pm: (today) Friday & Saturday. Their address is 1005 Wilbon Road, Fuquay-Varina, NC.

This is a fundraiser for the church - 20% of all sales are donated. There are about 30 other artists & crafters there.  This event is quite different than anything I've ever done - I set it up yesterday & left it - therefore, if you go out there, I won't be there.  There's no room for vendors since it's just a table & quite tight fitting.

As I was posting this, I decided to at least upload a few of photos - below are ones of my studio when I first started reorganizing the area - plus a few other random pictures

The tall piece in the middle was originally a lamp - but I mixed pieces from different lamps to make this stand. I absolutely love these things - I've made about 8 so far & have them on my desk.  so while I'm creating, I can just look up & twirl my little (or big) lamp thingy around & search for the chain I need.  There is a smaller one below it which is made mostly of crystal lamp pieces. These have really helped me with getting stuff off my table - well - it DID help for about a week. Now my table(s) are all covered again - not with chains - but other goodies I'm playing with!

below is the back side of the same lamp above

a few pieces I bought on one of my last flea marketing trips
I kept wanting to make a rhinestone brooch wreath - and finally finished it - well, it's never finished - and they are not secure, but it is still amazing look at! It's just a wreath made from straw, then covered in vintage lace trim - then, I stuck the pin backs into the fabric - I'll post a better picture of it later (or I will never get this blog post uploaded)- don't you just LOVE crystals?!
This is a really unique dress form I saw - it has size circles from hangers glued all over - how  neat is that? It would be super easy to do - those circles are from retail fixture stores - it has a vintagey feel, but it's new!

Ok, that's all for today.  Just fyi - for those of you that even read my blog (LOL) - I started this blog post at 930 am EST - here it is 4:06 pm... that event I posted about in the very beginning - is OVER for today!  This is my life - everyday!  Thank goodness, the bazaar is going on tomorrow too if you want to go over there - have a great weekend y'all !

~ Lori

Saturday, October 6, 2012

A lot of photos today of new things...

So, just quickly - I'm going to be at Festifall tomorrow in Chapel Hill.  It's a juried Art Show in downtown Chapel Hill, NC on Franklin St - right next to UNC. Gorgeous campus - It's going to be a beautiful fall day.  Hours:  noon - goes until 6 p.m.  
My booth is A17 -which is located in front of the Courtyard. 

The photo above is a piece I made a few months back - the base is an old iron mirror stand & then I took the old vanity tray & took it apart, leaving just the metal filigree outline.  Then I wired the filigree frame onto the mirror pedestal - then added twisted wire for hanging my jewelry on.... now it's sitting on my bathroom vanity - with pieces I wear.  I thought about selling it - but i loved it too much!  Maybe someday... I am making another one that I may have at the show this weekend.
 Here are many pieces I've made in the last few weeks - I'll be bringing all of these tomorrow plus about 200 more pieces -

Above:  turquoise, MOP (mother of pearl) & amazonite stones, plus vintage gold chains
Below: a variety of blue & aqua vintage pieces - dangle from vintage glass pearls

 Above:  bracelets made with semi-precious stone, glass stones & lots of antique Deco rhinestone connectors
 Above: a necklace that has a mixture of vintage pieces - it can be doubled to hang at 17" or worn long at 34"  Below:  a simple vintage pearl chain is attached to a old brooch & vintage MOP rosary

 Above:  Victorian button with rhinestone chain on a 30" necklace - this one can also doubled to hang at 17" or worn long at 34"  Below is a piece that has so many different pieces to list - it's about 24" and each piece is completely different (however there are a few pieces of vintage glass pearl links - but all shades of ivory, pearls, MOP, gold and BLING, of course - all vintage

 Above: all of the "chain" part of the necklaces are made with either pyrite (my new favorite gem stone) - and some are antique french cut steel beads - they are tinee, tiny beads!
Above: a crown that I made a while ago, but I don't think I ever posted it here - in the center, it reads, "JUNK QUEEN" - I'll give details on this some other time - it took a lot of time, but it was so much fun to make!
 Above: Lots of RINGS - all adjustable  - can you tell I like BLUE/AQUA??
 Above: when I was photographing these on Friday - I started getting in a hurry - and started piling them up - so here is one little pile - antique medicine bottle, soldered with a button - now a necklace - rhinestone pieces, antique monocle necklace... plus others (sorry, now I can't remember what I 'threw' in there) -
Above:   More simple rhinestone necklaces - this type of necklace is more my speed lately - I just like a simple chain, with one or 2 little dangly pieces - i think it's my perimenopause stage right now.  I remember my mom saying she started not liking too many things "up around her neck" - now that's how I'm feeling too - anyway, I like simpler pieces to wear - they are definitely harder for me to make though!! :-)
 Above: a new watch with a variety of old earrings, buttons - and my favorite bead - pyrite (this piece of pyrite is coated with gold - beautiful beads).  Pyrite is also sometimes called "Fools gold" - and you'll find it a lot of time in chunks - and very sparkly! Looks like gold!
 I love pink, but haven't made pink pieces lately - but here are a couple of pieces - the pink one is sterling (which I don't use as much as I used too) - on the left is a gorgeous enamel flower brooch (it was previously a brooch) - now a necklace with my favorite beaded glass chain.  I'm going to be so sad when, someday, I'm out of this chain. I use it in so many pieces. (See below necklace has it too)  :-)
 Above: my newest piece that I made yesterday - with a variety of vintage earrings, antique brooches - I've added this gorgeous green beaded chain it's vintage jade! I love it's bright colors & really want to keep it!  However, like I just said above,,, I don't like anything chunky on my neck - however, I did wear it yesterday for a while & I received SO MANY compliments on it.  I had to wear it to see if any of the wires on the back scratched me - we can't have any scratching, no we can't!!
Lastly - I finished this one yesterday as well. After I made the green one above, I thought - OH yeah, fall - I need some "fally" pieces. I bought this orange beaded chain from the same guy as the green beaded chain.  It's jade too. I've never seen, or heard of orange jade - but here it is.  I think the orange & amber crystal piece in this necklace is Coro - as well as the pearl brooch on the right. But not definitely sure about that.  I do know the pieces were well-made pieces from the 1950's.  The pearl chain are baroque pearls made in Japan from the 50's.


Monday, March 5, 2012

Finally...New Items in My Etsy Shop

Several of you have requested ways to purchase my items outside of trade shows. I am excited with you that I have added several items to my Etsy shop, and will continue adding many more.

Here is just a taste of the items added.

Here is one of my collage belt buckles in pink and green with lots of sparkle.

This is just one of the earrings available on Etsy. Check out the sweet birds.

And here is one of my deco style bracelets.

You can buy these and more items at my Etsy shop where you will also find detailed descriptions of these pieces. Just click here to go there now.

Here is a taste of what will be added to the shop soon.

Thanks for being such wonderful friends and customers!