Friday, April 19, 2013

One week till Spring Daze in Cary NC - Bond Park

One week from today I'll be scurrying around getting my last minute jewelry pieces done... It doesn't matter how much I think I'm ready, I'm always rushing to get jewelry finished!! I'll be at Spring Daze next weekend - April 27th in Cary, NC - and the following week, Apex Peak Fest, May 4th - 9-5 for both shows. Just fyi - I will have to leave at 2:45 on April 27th (I'm going to a wedding in Charlotte) & a VERY dear & incredible friend is working my booth from 2:45 until 5 (and she is packing up all my stuff - WOW... what a great friend). So, I will not be in my booth after 2:45 (just for Spring Daze) - so come early if you can!!

I've been making a lot of new pieces & it seems like they are mostly BLUE, GREEN with golds & pearls - I absolutely LOVE these colors - mixed with Miriam Haskell gold-tones & her pearls LOVE... but these are all earrings!! So with only a week left, I still need to make some necklaces with those same colors.  

Under each photo I listed a few of the elements of each pair - but not items are listed in the captions.  Let me know if you have questions on any of these (sorry, several customers have already asked me about prices on them & SORRY, I haven't priced them yet).

Thanks for stopping by & be sure to check out my facebook page - or email me if you have questions - Have a great weekend!


(vintage blue glass, tassels, filigree crystal beads, mother of pearl, rhinestones, peridot stones, Miriam Haskel pearls)
(Deco turquoise tear drops, Miriam Haskell tear drop pearls, Peridot stones, vintage lime enamel, cameos, filigree, rosary beads, crystals)
(Vintage rhinestones, Italian coins, vintage rosary roses, glass pearls, rhinestone bracelet links, silver vintage roses)
(Vintage rhinestone circles [very sparkly], blue framed gemstones, vintage blue flowers)

(Vintage amber glass beads, glass pearls, filigree, Miriam Haskell earring pieces, roses)

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(my favorite earrings - vintage rhinestone circles [rhinestones are clear, not pink) with blue framed gemstones)


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Lots of pretty creations - Wishing you much success in the sale. I have not worked on any jewelry in a while now - need to get busy.
Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

Riki Schumacher said...

Great pieces! Beautiful blog!

Carrie said...

Your work is gorgeous! Hope you did well at the shows and had a great time at the wedding ;)

-the girl you met at the HT focus group years ago :)